Harris Sherman Confirmed as USDA Under Sec Natural Resources and Environment

On September 10, Colorado’s Executive Director of the Department of Natural Resources was nominated by the Obama Administration to serve as U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Undersecretary for Natural Resources and Environment.  Colorado Wildlife Federation has interacted extensively with Harris Sherman and his staff at the Department of Natural Resources on wildlife and other natural resource issues.  In our view Harris Sherman and his staff have been very accessible, even handed and hard working on important wildlife policy matters.  He and his staff did an outstanding job of balancing interests during the unprecedented oil and gas rulemaking process.  As a result, Colorado gained minimum protections for wildlife in sensitive wildlife habitat.  This outcome represented a compromise solution.

We would expect Harris is tackle the array of difficult issues head on, become thoroughly knowledgeable about them and work to craft effective solutions that reflect the importance of sustaining hte West’s natural resources for future generations.