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Colorado Wildlife Federation Board President’s April 2022 Letter

2022 – A Year of Opportunity for Coloradans and Wildlife As we enter the 2022 Spring and Summer seasons here in Colorado, the promise of warmer weather and the greening of the vegetation whets our appetite for all things outdoors. Our resilience, fortitude and patience have withstood the Covid pandemic, and fishing, boating, hiking, bird-watching, …

Letter from the CWF President February 2, 2021

A Letter from Colorado Wildlife Federation’s President and Board Chair, Robin Knox   2021 – A Look to the Future As we enter the second month of 2021- hopefully a year of recovery – Coloradans have experienced a wide gamut of emotions and experiences the past 11 months that were, and still are, extremely challenging. Our resilience, …

CWF Notes from the Executive Director February 1

  CWF continued to be very busy during January.  Here are some highlights below. If there are fish and wildlife issues you would like to discuss, please let me know! — Suzanne O’Neill    President Biden places much needed pause on Bureau of Land Management oil and gas lease sales and finalizing Resource Management Plans …

Balancing Conservation and Outdoor Recreation

Our public lands are an important resource that Coloradans – and Americans – value and enjoy for abundant wildlife and outdoor recreational opportunities.  Pressure on blocks of sensitive wildlife habitat, migration corridors and wildlife populations is increasing on our public lands from numerous sources. Conservationists often have resisted unsustainable resource extraction and encourage backcountry recreation for its public health benefits and economic contribution.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s “Fences and Wildlife”

  Last week, Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Land Use Specialist, Elissa Slezak, presented an excellent webinar on July 1 in which she explains what types of fences pose barriers to deer, elk and pronghorn and types of wildlife-friendly fencing.  Some fences that continue to be barriers are old grazing fences that are not longer used, …

CWF urges BLM to postpone oil and gas lease sales during pandemic

As the nation grapples with the many impacts of the corona virus (COVID-19) on our health and its substantial disruptions to us personally, the economy and our society, the Administration continues to move ahead with proposed regulations that will have adverse impacts to wildlife. As the national and global economy take a deep dive, and …

Recovering America’s Wildlife Act bill (HR 3742)

This bill is essential to help address species of greatest conservation need across the country. Colorado’s species of greatest conservation need are in the Colorado State Wildlife Action Plan. There are 55 “tier 1” species in Colorado that include Greenback, Rio Grande and Colorado River cutthroat trout, Golden eagle, Greater sage grouse, Mountain plover and Burrowing owl. We will work hard to support this bill.

Draft Eastern Colorado Resource Management Plan Issued by BLM

Draft Eastern Colorado Resource Management Plan to be Issued by BLM Our Focus of the forthcoming plan is on South Park. The South Park basin, consisting of nearly 1000 square miles, is unparalleled in Colorado. It thrives through a unique combination of natural treasures:its watershed, outdoor recreation including its prized gold medal steam fisheries, viewsheds, relatively undisturbed blocks of habitat for elk, deer, pronghorn, mountain plover and other wildlife, paleontological artifacts and ranching heritage.