CO Oil and Gas Rules Bill Signed by Gov. Ritter

The oil and gas rules review bill was signed by Governor Ritter on April 22.  The bill had passed the General Assembly on March 25.      Congratulations to all who have worked so hard and effectively for a very long time.

On March 6 the Colorado General Assembly’s Committee on Legal Services approved the oil and gas rules and moved them forward to the House Floor.   The rules passed 2nd reading on the House Floor on March 12 and  3rd reading on the 13th.  Now the rules move to the Senate.  The rules  passed Senate Committee on the 18th.  the bill passed the Senate Floor second reading on March 24 by a vote of 22-12.  The bill passed on third reading on  March 25.

The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission adopted the rules on December 11, 2008.   The Rules are posted on the Commission website.