CO Gov. Polis Exec Order creating CO Regional Partnerships Initiative

On October 30, 2020 Gov. Polis issued an Executive Order that creates Regional Partnerships.  This Executive Order was issued during the event opening Fishers Peak State Park in Trinidad.  CWF views formation and operation of the regional partnerships as a very important endeavor. Below is the Executive Order and here are the stated goals:

1. Ensure that Colorado’s lands, waters and wildlife thrive in the face of climate change and other threats while also providing for equitable and safe access and quality outdoor recreation experiences for all Coloradans;

2. Establish a state-level vision for conservation and recreation and convene voices from different outdoor interests, races, cultures, ages, and sectors through regional partnerships to inform the development of a shared strategy and statewide action plan;

3. Identify additional stable and long-term funding from multiple, sustainable sources to provide for the critical investments needed to conserve Colorado’s landscapes, rivers, wildlife, sensitive habitats and recreational opportunities.

In the Executive Order the task to create the statewide vision referenced above is assigned to Department of Natural Resources, Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the Colorado Outdoor Partnership, in which CWF serves.

Executive Order