Camp Hale-Continental Divide Designated as a National Monument

On October 12, 2022, President Biden designated the 53,804-acre Camp Hale-Continental Divide as a national monument pursuant to the Antiquities Act. During World War II, Camp Hale had served as a training facility for the Army’s 10th Mountain Division and the designation honors their legendary service. In addition, “It will safeguard important wildlife habitat in the upper Eagle River watershed, expand fishing and hunting opportunity and provide an economic boost for communities in the area,” said CWF board president Robin Knox. œWe are grateful for the collaboration and leadership that made this designation possible so that a broad array of wildlife species, including trout, elk, bear, and mule deer, will thrive for generations to come. œFor over a decade, a broad, bipartisan coalition of Coloradans have urged the conservation of Camp Hale and surrounding area to honor military veterans and to safeguard important wildlife habitat. Hunters and anglers understand well that we are not making new habitat and that the best way to maintain our sporting traditions is to keep these important landscapes and healthy habitat intact, said Aaron Kindle, director of sporting advocacy for the National Wildlife Federation.

The US Forest Service will manage the national monument. The national monument is subject to valid existing water and mineral rights and permits held by ski resorts.

In addition, the BLM and US Forest Service announced steps to conserve the Thompson Divide area which CWF and many others have advocated for years. The two Departments are submitting a 20-year withdrawal petition for the 225,000-acre area that would prohibit new mining claims and new federal mineral leases. During the two-year period after Secretary of the Department of the Interior accepts the petition, the two agencies will seek public comment and conduct an environmental analysis of the impacts of the proposed 20-year withdrawal. We will keep you posted and will ask that you submit individual letters in support!