Dept. of Interior Issues its awaited Report on Federal Oil and Gas Leasing Program

On November 26, 2021 the US Department of the Interior issued its “Report on the Federal Oil and Gas Leasing Program.”

CWF applauds the common-sense reforms proposed in the Department of Interior’s report which will modernize the oil and gas leasing system, bring fairer returns for Colorado taxpayers, and ensure that our public lands are managed for multiple use – rather than simply prioritizing oil and gas over other uses – which will benefit wildlife, outdoor recreationists, and rural economies. In addition,  discontinuing the troublesome practice of leasing lands with low oil and gas potential really will benefit wildlife and local communities in some areas of Colorado.  By way of example, in past lease sales numerous parcels with low oil and gas potential were offered in bighorn sheep production areas, summer range and winter range. CWF had consistently urged that these areas be removed from the sales to little avail.

Here is the link to the Report. DOI Report – Federal Oil and Gas Leasing Program