CWF-NWF Submit Protest of BLM Proposed Lease Sale

On May 1, Colorado Wildlife Federation and the National Wildlife Federation submitted a protest to the BLM regarding parcels that the agency proposes to offer for lease at its May auction.  These parcels were protested because 2 impact greater sage grouse leks, and two are within a bighorn sheep migratory corridor.  Others impact moose production areas, pronghorn and deer severe winter range, and elk winter concentration areas.  The cumulative impact upon wildlife from these parcels and the cumulative effect of earlier leases in addition to these proposed leases is of great concern to us.



Note:  the BLM has decided to defer the two parcels that contain greater sage grouse leks/production areas.  We believe our protest  contributed to the decision to defer.    Unfortunately, the other parcels were offered for lease sale.