BLM’s decision for Roan Plateau set aside by US District Judge

On June 22, 2012, US District Judge Marcia Krieger set aside the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) decision in its Resource Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement (RMP/EIS) for the Roan Plateau. She found the BLM’s decision violated the Administrative Procedures Act because it did not sufficiently address the community alternative, cumulative air quality impacts and potential ozone impacts. Judge Krieger remanded the action to the BLM for further action.

The BLM had issued its final RMP/EIS in August of 2006 and adopted its plan in June 2007. Its plan would permit leasing of the entire federal public land area of the Roan Plateau for oil and gas drilling, through a phased drilling and reclamation process.

CWF had participated extensively before the BLM adopted its plan, urging phased leasing, protection of important deer and elk winter range, and attention to reasonably foreseeable cumulative impacts to wildlife of its plan when considered in conjunction with current and future development on adjacent private lands. CWF was not a party to the lawsuit.