BLM proposed Public Lands Rule public meetings

The Bureau of Land Management announced its schedule for public meetings to discuss its proposed Public Lands rule. The purpose of the rule is to elevate conservation as a use of BLM lands on par with other uses. The agency proposes to define conservation to include protection and restoration and provides tools and processes to achieve conservation, including managing for ecosystem resilience and intact landscapes, establishing a conservation leasing program, applying the fundamentals of land health from the grazing context, and expanding direction related to areas of critical environmental concern.

CWF applauds BLM and will attend the Denver meeting and submit public comment. CWF will post our public comment and provide an outline of the points we will make here in the next week. Please consider submitting your own public comment. The period to make public comment on the proposed rule ends on June 20.

BLM will convene a virtual meeting on May 15 5-7 pm MDT and an in-person meeting in Denver on May 25 at the Denver West Marriott 5-7 pm MDT and virtual meeting on June 5 9:30 – 11:30 am MDT. BLM Press release