BLM Issues Prelim. Alternatives for South Park Master Leasing Plan

On March 8, 2017 the master leasing planning process for public lands BLM manages in South Park took a leap forward. The BLM issued its preliminary alternatives for managing these lands on a landscape level in this iconic basin. CWF will post comments as soon as we review the alternatives.

The BLM’s planning process for South Park has been transparent so far and diverse interests have participated. Park County County’s thoughtful, consistent attention to this process serves a a model for local governments. We believe this planning process and robust participation by a large array of interests will culminate in a balanced plan for the future of South Park. The area features gold medal streams, herds of elk, deer and pronghorn, tourism, local businesses, agriculture, and the source of a significant amount of Denver’s and Aurora’s drinking water.

Here is the link to the preliminary alternatives from the BLM website: