BLM draft solar development programmatic EIS comment letters

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) had issued a Draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement for UtilityScale Solar Energy Development (Solar PEIS). This programmatic process for western states is intended to identify lands suitable for siting utility-scale solar development. It is important to ascertain areas that will be available for this development that pose fewer conflicts with lands and waters, fish and wildlife and habitat, cultural and Indigenous resources, and recreational opportunities. CWF participated in development of a Colorado specific comment letter and NWF, TRCP and TU submitted an overall letter that addresses all of the western states included in the planning area.

Here is the link to the Colorado comment letter: Colorado Comment Letter

If you would like a copy of the NWF, TRCP and TU overall letter, please email us at

As the public comment period has closed, the next step will be issuance of a final plan.