OHV Registration Fee Use:Comment to CO State Parks Bd

January 19, 2010

 Previously, the Colorado Wildlife Federation Board of Directors supported Colorado HB08-1098 that allowed state officers (Division of Wildlife, Division of Parks, sheriffs, etc.) to enforce OHV regulations on federal lands.  More recently, CWF signed onto a letter in support of applying a certain portion of OHV registration fees to enforcement and habitat restoration on a competitive grant basis.  This is a decision that is within the purview of the State Parks Board.  Our hope is that at a minimum  the State Parks Board allows proposals for these funds to be eligible to compete with other project proposals.  Currently, most of the funding goes to promoting OHV usage and OHV trails repair and development.

The State Parks Board has seen the sign-on letter but now are receiving many letters from the OHV user community to not allow these changes to occur.  Our community of wildlife conservationists including sportsmen/sportswomen, wildlife viewers and photographers have an opportunity to weigh in on this issue.  Please send your comments to Mindy Blazer at:  mindy.blazer@state.co.us  

As a wildlife recreation community, many of our members use OHVs in a legal and appropriate manner to enjoy the great outdoors in Colorado, or to access hunting areas or to removed harvested game.  We hear a lot about the abuse of OHV use, the habitat damage and the disruption to wildlife movement (including game) produced by illegal and inappropriate use.

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