Landowner Voucher Review Committee Update and mtgs sch.

September 20, 2011

After about 22 months and seemingly as many meetings the most recent landowner voucher review process is starting to wind up. You can visit the following link for a LOT of detail information on the process.

Also, here is the link to the press release re Voucher Committee meetings in Denver and Grand Junction - week of Sept. 26:  

This introductory paragraph summarizes the process quite well: "The Big Game Landowner Voucher Program Review Committee is a working group convened by the Division of Wildlife (now the Division of Parks and Wildlife) to examine issues associated with the landowner voucher program and identify appropriate improvements. The committee is not an official decision-making body, but rather a "think tank" that will review the issues and make recommendations. The committee is being facilitated by the Division of Wildlife, but the group is responsible for setting their agenda, investigating the issues and reaching their own conclusions about the program. The committee's recommendations for improvements may include legislative changes, regulatory changes, policy statements and reports."


Details on the allocation of big game landowner vouchers can be viewed here:


A wide variety of issues have been discussed and "cussed" ... a summary of those issues can be seen here:


Two public meetings are currently being planned for September, one in Denver on September 28th and one in Grand Junction on September 29th with locations yet to be determined.   These meetings are intended to give sportsmen and women (and others) an opportunity to attend and hear a summary of the solutions being discussed and share their thoughts on whether they feel such solutions will improve the voucher process or not.

The committee provided a summary to the Wildlife Commission in Grand Junction at their regularly scheduled June 2011 meeting. See link for details.

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