CWF's comments to CPW on its draft strategic plan

September 14, 2015

 CWF submitted comments to Colorado Parks and Wildlife on its draft strategic plan on September 11. In April CWF had submitted comments at the beginning of the strategic planning process. You can find those earlier comments by clicking on VIew All (as they no longer appear on the homepage).

September 11, 2015

Josh Garcia

Jody Kennedy

Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Transmitted by email


Dear Josh and Jody:


Thank you for the opportunity to provide public comment on the Colorado Parks and

Wildlife (CPW) draft strategic plan. You obviously have spent much time and effort

during these past several months to generate this draft document and we thank you. We

have a few recommendations for your consideration.


Management Principles, third bullet: “Prioritize public trust and accountability,

whenever possible.” The phrase “whenever possible” is disconcerting. We do not know

what problem or circumstance CPW is attempting to address but urge that it be stated



Goal 1, Objective A, Strategy 1: The Mule Deer Strategy Plan should be listed because it

is an important strategy and deserves to be called out.


Objective B, Strategy 6: Thank you for including this strategy. We recommend that

something along these lines be added for emphasis: Strengthen CPW’s essential role as a

cooperating agency in federal land management planning on BLM and USFS lands.

A benchmark for success under Goal 1 is “Sportsmen and women are satisfied with their

hunting and fishing experiences.” An important driver for reaching this benchmark is

increasing and maintaining hunting and fishing (and other wildlife-related) access. This

driver should be constructed as an additional objective under the goal.


Goal III, Objective A, Strategy 3: The document refers to the need to “garner support

from public, private, and government entities on financial sustainability initiatives.” A

prerequisite to gaining and maintaining such support is to improve communication of

financial information. Please make specific reference in this strategy and under Goal 5 to

disseminate well-packaged, concise financial information.


Goal V, Strategy 1 and 7: Strategy 1 states, “Use a communication plan….” Strategy 7

states, “Implement communication plan.” These two strategies should be combined. Is

there a current communication plan? If so, should it be updated? If there is no

communication plan, then the strategy should read “Develop and implement a

communication plan.” Several of the other listed strategies really form essential elements

of a communication plan.


Goal VI: We recommend that reference be made to aligning CPW and GOCO strategic



Finally, it is not possible to divorce resource allocation from the goals, objectives and

strategies. In essence, they are tightly interdependent. Therefore, CWF urges that CPW

inform the public of the agency’s resource allocation plan to establish realistic priorities

for implementing this strategic plan.



Suzanne O’Neill

Executive Director, Colorado Wildlife Federation

cc: Bob Broscheid


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