USFS Withdraws the 5 roadless parcels from gas lease auction 11/10

November 2, 2010

CWF had been very concerned that 5 roadless parcels were listed for inclusion in the BLM's November 10, 2010 lease auction. On Tuesday, October 26, the date on which "protests" were due, we received word that the US Forest Service (Region 2) had agreed to withdraw the parcels.  We then decided not to transmit our protest and instead sent a comment letter, expressing appreciation to leadership of USFS Region 2 and to BLM State Director. The withdrawal became formal on November 1 with the posting of Addendum No.3 to the notice of the BLM lease auction.  

 CWF is pleased that the five roadless parcels have been withdrawn.   As the NEPA process re Colorado's petition for a roadless rule is in progress, offering roadless areas for gas leases at this time was inappropriate. 

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