Rick Cables Named Director of CO Parks and Widlife

June 13, 2011

 The Wildlife Commission and Parks Board selected Region 2 Regional Forester Rick Cables as the director of the new combined agency, Division of Parks and Wildlife.  His selection was approved (as required by the new statute) by the Executive Director of the Department of Natural Resources.   The two bodies made their selection on June 10, following interviews of the final 3 candidates.  Previously on May 31, two panels of stakeholders and one employee panel interviewed the 3 finalists and provided their feedback to the Executive Director of DNR and the chairs of the Wildlife Commission and the Parks Board.

Congratulations to Rick.  CWF looks forward to meeting with the new director and working with him in his new role.  CWF has worked with Rick for several years during his tenure as Regional Forester.  


Below is the press release issued by the Department of Natural Resources on June 13: 








        John W. Hickenlooper 



                  Mike King 

                  Executive Director 



Department of Natural Resources 

1313 Sherman Street, Room 718     

Denver, Colorado 80203 

Phone: (303) 866-3311 

Fax: (303) 866-2115 




Monday, June 13, 2011 



Todd Hartman, 303-866-3311 x-8665, todd.hartman@state.co.us 


Rick Cables named director 

of new Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife 


Rick Cables, Regional Forester for the U.S. Forest Service’s Rocky Mountain Region, has been 

named the director of the newly created Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife.  


Cables will oversee the new division and its 880 employees beginning in July. The new division 

unites the existing Colorado Division of Wildlife and Colorado State Parks, a merger approved by 

state lawmakers and signed into law June 6 by Governor John Hickenlooper. 


“Rick Cables brings an accomplished career of conservation success, much of it in the West, to this 

critical role leading our new Parks and Wildlife division,” said Mike King, executive director of the 

Colorado Department of Natural Resources. “We are fortunate to have a person with his 

conservation values, management talent and wealth of experience with western landscapes taking 

the helm of this new agency.” 


“I feel privileged to be joining the remarkable professionals of the newly created Colorado Division 

of Parks and Wildlife,” Cables said. “Their passion, professionalism and dedication to Colorado’s 

wildlife and state parks make our wonderful state even more special. I’m very excited to pursue this 

new challenge. To my friends in the U.S. Forest Service, an agency that I love, I thank you for the 

experience and look forward to advancing Colorado’s conservation heritage.” 


Cables has been the Regional Forester of the Rocky Mountain Region since 2001. As Regional 

Forester he has been responsible for the administration of over 22 million acres in 17 national 

forests and 7 national grasslands, and cooperative efforts with state and private landowners in 

Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and eastern Wyoming. 




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