About Us

Celebrating 66 years in 2019!

The Colorado Wildlife Federation is Colorado’s oldest and most effective wildlife conservation organization. We are advocates for our state’s wildlife. Our membership includes those who care about wildlife -  anglers, hunters, wildlife viewers, wildlife photographers and others who believe in the stewardship of a wildlife population that defines our state heritage and traditions.
The unprecedented energy development that is changing our Rocky Mountain landscape threatens iconic native species such as mule deer, sage grouse and Colorado River cutthroat trout. Impacts have been documented by respected wildlife biologists, including CWF members and supporters. As Coloradans and Americans, we recognize the need for responsible energy development. Yet we also know that energy development need not, and must not, jeopardize our remarkable wildlife resource and the sustainable economy that depend on healthy populations and habitats.
The Colorado Wildlife Federation focuses on ensuring that this natural bounty be sustained. Our mission is to serve as determined stewards of our state’s wildlife and the winter range, migration corridors, reproduction areas and waterways they depend on to survive.
We will not shy away from this formidable challenge. As advocates for wildlife, we will demand that the needs of wildlife be fully considered and addressed before energy leasing and development begins in an area, not as an afterthought.
Colorado’s wildlife is worth sustaining. As an organization, we intended to assure our wildlife heritage is handed down for generations to come.
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