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1. Recovering America\'s Wildlife Act--  bill introduced in Congress.  See News item on the homepage for information. Please let your Representative know you support this bill. And ask your Representative to become a co-sponsor of this bill.  So far, Representative Tipton became a co-sponsor in late February.  We thank him. Rep. Polis also has become a co-sponsor and we thank him, too.  So far, there are 34 House co-sponsors.

2. Rio Grande National Forest - public comment period on draft plan  closed December 29

Public comments on the draft plan for the Rio Grande National Forest closed December 29.  See item under News for CWF\'s comments submitted to the US Forest Service. Our comment letter focuses upon wildlife connectivity between the RIo Grande National Forest and the Carson and SantaFe National Forests in northern New Mexico, and the need to designate bighorn sheep in the Rio Grande National Forest as a "species of conservation concern."

3. Colorado Parks and Wildlife financial sustainability bill - now named Hunting, Fishing, and Parks for Future Generations bill (S.B. 18-143) - has been moved forward by the Senate Finance Committee on a 5-0 vote on February 13, passed the Senate Appropriations Committee on March 6 and has passed on the Senate Floor. The bill will be heard in the House Agriculture, Livestock & Natural Resources Committee on March 26. It was introduced in the Colorado Senate by co-sponsors Senators Stephen Fenberg and Don Coram.   The House co-sponsors are Representatives Jeni Arndt and Jim Wilson.

Contact your Representative and let him or her know you support increased funding for Colorado Parks and Wildlife.  See  information and link to the bill's text under News on this homepage.

4. Celebrate Colorado Public Lands Day each year on 3rd Saturday in May  

SB16-21 passed in 2016, and Governor signed this bill that created Colorado public lands day annually on the 3rd Saturday of each May.   Coloradans value our public lands and they should be celebrated!  

5. South Park lands managed by BLM 

 We are expecting the draft environmental impact statement to be issued this winter for lands BLM manages in eastern Colorado and to also address the landscape level in South Park. BLM had issued preliminary alternatives in March for managing these public lands in South Park. When the draft doc is issued there will be an important public comment period. We expect the draft to be issued this summer. Stay tuned.






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