Take Action


1. Clean Water Act Rule - comment period ends August 28: Please tell EPA that we need strong clean water protections for our fish and wildlife habitat, outdoor economy, drinking water and public health. That is, oppose the proposal to repeal the Clean Water Rule. 

Last week the House passed H.R. 3219, a spending package that includes an unfortunate rider undermining our clean water protections. The rider makes it easier for EPA Administrator Pruitt to repeal the Clean Water Rule by changing the law and cutting the public out of the process. www.regulations.gov/document

2. Financial Sustainability bill

Moved from Colorado House to Senate Finance Committee on May 4 and lost in that Committee on a 5-3 vote. For information see the first item of News on the Homepage.  Now that the bill has been killed, our next opportunity is to prepare for next year.  Contact your Senator and let him/her know you support increased funding for Colorado Parks and Wildlife.  In addition, please state that you support CPW keeping this essential tool: the ability to acquire lands and water in fee title when necessary -- CPW has used this tool sparingly and it should be not be removed by this bill. There are effective checks and balances to ensure this tool is not abused. 

3. Celebrate Colorado Public Lands Day each year on 3rd Saturday in May  

SB16-21 passed last year, and Governor signed this bill that created Colorado public lands day annually on the 3rd Saturday of each May.   Coloradans value our public lands and they should be celebrated!  


4. South Park Master Leasing Planning

 BLM issued preliminary alternatives in March for managing these public lands that it manages in South Park.   To read CWF's comment letter, go to Our Stand on the home page. Give us a call or send us an email if you wish to discuss. Stay tuned.






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